10 steps to barcode your product

The most important implementation resource for barcode identification are... 114 GS1 Member Organizations in countries all around the world. This guide takes new barcode users through the basic steps they must take to begin using barcodes


GS1 code is applied in producing, trading for sustainable development..., efficient management of products and related parties in the supplying chain as well as electronic traceability, quick withdrawal of unsafety items, anti-counterfeit etc. GS1 code is expanding to other fields such as healthcare, customs, logistic, electronic data interchange etc


GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) is a unique, internet-based service that ...gives access to basic contact information for companies that are members of GS1. These member companies use GS1's globally unique numbering system to identify their products, physical locations, or shipments. By simply typing a product bar code number into GEPIR, anyone can find the owner of that barcode's contact information. Physical location numbers and Shipment numbers can also be used as search criteria

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List of companies withdrawn company prefix

The information of Recall or Withdrawal Barcode List

GS1 code types

GS1 code types

GS1 system supports companies in the world to identify all items such as products, services, assets, logistic units, shipments, physical locations and logic subjects likes co-operation or service relationship. When combined these with GS1 bar code, electronic product code, eCom massages or GDSN, one link between physical items and their information will be formed and through that the global trade world becomes visible

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What is IDD?

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