About us

GS1 Vietnam, a barcode organization of Vietnam, under the Directorate for Standards and Quality (STAMEQ), was recognized as an official member of the international GS1 since May 1995 and was granted to the GS1 country code numbered 893.

GS1 Vietnam is the representative organization of Vietnam at the international GS1, on behalf of the international GS1 to deploy GS1 system in Vietnam. GS1 Vietnam mangages the country code bank – 893, grants GS1 company prefixes to enterprises and helps manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and other interested organizations in applying barcode technology in the production, business activities and providing their services, as well as electronic data interchange (EDI).

Currently, the State management over barcode activities is assigned to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTE)/ STAMEQ by the Prime Minister and the content of the State management is complied with Decision No. 45/2002/QD – TTg of the Prime Minister, dated 27.03.2002 on “Providing for the contents of State management over numbering and barcoding as well as agencies in charge of State management over numbering and bar coding” and Decision 15/2006/QD-BKHCN of MOSTE, dated 23.08.2006 on “Promulgating the regulation on allocation, use and management of article numbering and barcoding”.

GS1 System can be divided into five groups of standards as follows:

1) Bar codes;
2) eCom;
3) GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network);
4) EPCglobal;
5) Mobile Commerce.