Seminar on the application of GS1 keys for goods management, goods traceability and anti-counterfeit in Phu Tho Province

In order to support Vietnamese organizations and enterprises to access basic knowledge about GS1 article numbering and barcoding technology for exploitation and effective application of this technology for goods management, goods traceability and anti-counterfeit, In September 2017, GS1 Vietnam coordinated with Phu Tho Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality to hold the event.

The seminar focused on anti-counterfeiting capabilities of GS1 Standards: when using these standards, product information is encoded using Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and then it is encoded by EAN-13 and can includes additional information such as batch number, production date, expiration date, serial number, etc. of the manufacturer. Anti-counterfeiting capability is achieved by linking the captured information from the barcodes into GS1 mainstream information networks about manufacturers and their goods, such as the Global Electronic Party Information Registry (GEPIR) or the IPM (Interface Public Members) – an online tool of the World Customs Organization and GS1 offering new features such as the possibility to use mobile devices to scan GS1 barcodes on millions of products, enabling to search the products database in a more time-efficient manner. GTINs – the unique product identifier – are embedded in GS1 bar codes will facilitate access to multiple databases providing trusted sources of product information.  Furthermore, scanning the barcodes will enable automatic connection to any authentication services linked to the controlled products.

GS1 barcodes is a powerful tool to help identify the origin of goods and identify potential counterfeits.